Carine's Koppie

October 4, 1992, 9:00 pm

4 October 1992 [PGS]


Anthony and I left Lysander Way at about 15h45 this afternoon, and headed for Kalk Bay. The intention was to investigate the holes on Carine's Koppie [??] which Joan and I discovered last week. As Boyes Drive is still one way from the Muizenberg turn-off to St. J...

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Carine's Koppie

September 27, 1992, 9:00 pm

27 September 1992 [PGS]


Joan and I left Duignam Road at about 14h25. Joan was only on time because she had 4 hours warning. We went up Main Track as far as Monkey's Pool, then climbed up past Ou Kraal, and proceeded along the road towards Muizenberg. Just below Carine's Koppie, we to...

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SASA Club Meet Report Kalk Bay

September 6, 1992, 9:00 pm

6 September 1992 [PGS]

SASA Club Meet Report

SASA members present: Steve Craven, Anthony Hitchcock, Daryll Holland, Andrew Penny, Wendy Purdon, Peter Swart Prospective members: Robert Whitehead Guests: Joan Vlok Caves visited: Harbour View Cave, Lower Aladdin Cave, Wizard's Cell, Clovelly Cave,...

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August 31, 1992, 9:00 pm

31 August 1992 [PGS]


Visited Onverwag and walked the mountain from above Onverwag to the large depression just below the beacon. I managed to get just below the ground level in the depression, but the floor of the chamber was silted up with fine humus type material. Just beyond the pi...

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April 19, 1992, 9:00 pm

19 April 1992 [ANH]


Went up the mountain at about 15h00 (Anthony and Wendy). The mountain is slowly recovering from a bad burn (Early January) Met Peter and Joan at the Amphitheatre. Collected water and made tea at Nivla Grottoes. Had a look at Egyptian Grotto to compare it w...

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