Goat breakfast stomp - Janice Birthday

December 30, 1993, 9:00 pm

30 December 1993 [pgs] [goat stomp]

Yet another Goat breakfast stomp (and Janice's birthday for tomorrow)

Kim, JohnL, Janice, DavidB, Miles, DebbieR, IanR, Guy, Eldette, GaryE, AllanF, pgs Two new goats joined us for our end of the year/Janice's birthday stomp. Allan and DavidB. The co-ordinat...

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St James

December 25, 1993, 9:00 pm

25 December 1993 [pgs]

JV, pgs

I went to visit Joan at about 12h30, with the intention of going for a walk. SHe offered me tea, which finally arrived just after three. We then had lunch, and after a little rest, we had more tea. By about seven, the south-easter had brought in the cloud, and te...

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Goat Breakfast stomp - Cecilia

December 23, 1993, 9:00 pm

23 December 1993 [pgs] [goat stomp]

Goat Breakfast stomp

Guy, Kim, Shamiel, JohnL, Tanya, DebbieR, Ian, Roger, Eldette, pgs Menu: flapjacks, grapes, Champagne, cheese, rolls, mince pies, cream, jam, orange juice. Walk: From Cecilia Forest Station, up to the waterfall via the stream path, retur...

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Goat stomp - Diagonal

December 19, 1993, 9:00 pm

19 December 1993 [pgs] [goat stomp]

Goat stomp

Mike (DebbieD's), Socks, Guy, Kim, Shamiel, Tanya, JV, pgs Mike lead us up diagonal, along the top of the Twelve Apostles and down Corridor. We stopped for tea on the buttress just past Slangolie Ravine.

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Rock Town

December 18, 1993, 9:00 pm

18 December 1993 [pgs]

JV, Miles, pgs

Just a short stroll up KB to show Miles the mountain. Up Main Track to Rock Town for tea. Down Spes Bona. Left Duignam Road at 14h20, return 16h10.

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