February 6, 1994, 9:00 pm

6 February 1994 [pgs]

party:ANH, pgs

I made the mistake of indicating to Steve that I was interested in attending the traditional SASA February meet on TM. Anthony and I were asked to complete the survey of Wynberg cave which we started in about 1984.

Anthony and I started climbing Nursrey Ra...

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Goat Stomp - Rhodes Memorial

February 4, 1994, 9:00 pm

4 February 1994 [pgs]

party:Guy, Tanya, Kim, JBunn, DBunn, pgs

Started out from Rhodes Mem at about 5h45, and walked up to the King's Blockhouse. The wind was very strong. JBunn and DBunn stayed at the cairn, as Janice had dust in her contact lens. They went down via the road.

The rest of u...

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Goat stomp - Hout Bay manganese mine

January 31, 1994, 9:00 pm

31 January 1994 [pgs] (Sunday)

Goat stomp

party:Guy, Tanya, Kim, Ake, DebbieR, IanR, pgs

Hout Bay manganese mine.

Started at the East Fort and climbed up to the highest shaft. Worked our way down to the lowest shaft, investigating them as we went along. The shortest was about 20m long and...

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Goat stomp Elephants Eye

January 28, 1994, 9:00 pm

28 January 1994 [pgs] (Wednesday)


  • Compustat:
  • Guy, Tanya, Kim, Ake, DebbieR,
  • Pat, Fadia, SM Bunn, David Bunn, JohnL,
  • Pam, DebbieD, Roger, Len, Margaret, Dawn,
  • IanR, Zade (Fadia's son), Kim's friend, Mike,
  • Alex (SANF), Joan, PatH, MarilynH, pgs

R10 entry fee to go to SA Nature...

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Amphitheatre and Kalk Bay Mountain

January 24, 1994, 9:00 pm

24 January 1994 [pgs] (Sunday)

party:ANH, WH, Douglas H, JV, pgs

Went up main track as far as Amphitheatre. Very windy. Had tea near Egyptian Cave. Ate more calories than were consumed in the trip up the mountain. There was a man walking around the mountain in the Amphitheatre and near Drip...

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