June 23, 1994, 9:00 pm

23 June 1994 [pgs]


The heavens opened, and out came a sheet of water. Boyes drive was knee deep in water near Lake Side, and the road above Patrava was only just passable. The waterfall above 35 Duignam Road is missing the pool and the wall, shooting right out into the road. Christop...

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June 19, 1994, 9:00 pm

19 June 1994 [pgs]

party:JV, pgs

After a really wet day, Joan and I went up Trappieskop during an apparent clearing in the weather. The Trappieskop trail is a well made path up the top of the saddle. From there, the path goes over to the Clovelly side. We cut across, and followed the cairns u...

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12 June 1994 [pgs]

party:JV, ANH, pgs

We left at Silvermine at 9h00, and our route took us along the road to base of Klein kloof. We crossed to the resurgence of the stream at the bottom of the valley, and surveyed our way up the valley to the insurgence, marking the positions of the dolines a...

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Republic Day Geological Excusion

May 31, 1994, 9:00 pm

31 May 1994 [pgs]

party:Prof Margaret Maker, John Grindley, Dr Steve Craven, JV, ANH, pgs

We left at Silvermine at 8h30, and our route took us along the road to base of Kleintuin Kop, up Klein kloof to the top of Echo Valley, where we had tea. From there, we looked at Sunbeam Cavern, the Amphi...

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Nellies Pool

May 28, 1994, 9:00 pm

28 May 1994 [pgs]

party:JV, KCG(Kim), pgs

We left Duignam Road and walked up to the road above Ou Kraal. We followed the road until we met the path along the front, then folowed the path. There are a number of dead Mimetes and Leucospermum. After a number of detours, we went up to Labyri...

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