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Wieners Well Cave

Peter Swart 10 June 1995

Weiner's Well was discovered on Weiner's Day, 1936. [Weiner = local Cape Town politician] The caves is situated on the north-east facing slope of Ridge Peak, just above the lower entrance to Spes Bona forest.

The entrance to the cave is a slope down into a 7m long by 1m wide trough. At the bottom of the trough, another trough leads off to the right, down the mountain slope, but is blocked by a collapse. This collapse meets with the surface, and forms a secons entrance to the cave. To the left is a narrow passage leading to a passage parallel to the main trough.

The cave is small network type cave, having formed along vertical joints. The passage which runs towards the downslope side of the mountain is blocked by boulder collapse, so the cave may been truncated by the formation of the valley.

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