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Vier Grotte Cave

Peter Swart 10 June 1995


Meyer discovered this cave on 21 January 1933, and a few days later, he named the cave, and painted the name near one of the entrances. As this part of the cave is rather exposed, Meyer's painting has not survived.

View Grotte consists of a vertical crack, 40m long, running through the top layer of rock near the northwestern end of Kleintuinkop. The surface of the ridge is less than 7m from the floor of the cave. In plan, it appears to be a "Y" shaped cave, with cross passages linking the two arms of the "Y". Water enters from the roof near the northeastern end of the cave, and from a side passage to the north, and runs out via one of the bigger entrances on the southern side. The northeastern end of the cave, the bottom of the "Y", has a very narrow constriction, which opens into a 1.5m wide, 8m high, semi covered crack.

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