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Twin Caverns Cave

Peter Swart 21 January 1997

Dimensions: e53m,l35m,w14m,h15m

Twin Caverns lies in a corner of a wooded kloof on the southern slopes of Cave Peak. The two entrance to the cave lie at 90 degress to each other, and are separated on the surface, by a large pile of boulders, but joined by a passage through the boulders. Off this passage, to the southwest, lies a very low passage through more boulder collapse. The other end of this passage emerges in Surprise Grotto, which is 18m away. Surprise Grotto consists of two chambers, separated by a low archway. The cave has two entrances, one on the Twin Caverns side of the chamber, and another on the other side of the cave, which is approximately 2m above the cave floor.

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