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Tea Time Cave

Peter Swart 23 November 2003

Dimensions: em,lm,wm,hm


Tea Cave is a 'T' shaped cave, with the top of the 'T' parallel to the cliff, and the entrance at the base of the 'T'. The entrance is 2m wide and 7m high. The floor rises at an angle of about 20 degrees, while the roof height remains relatively constant. Both of the ends of the top of the 'T' are terminated with boulder fill. A gully just to the south of the cave, runs down the slope parallel to the entrance passage, and it is this gully which terminates the top passage.

Between the entrance passage and the gully, and 3m below the cave entrance is a horizontal wash-in. Water flows from Tea cave, cross the wash-in, and settles up against the southern wall.

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