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Squeezes Cave

Above the Amphitheatre, on the northern side, is a low ridge. In this ridge are three small caves which may once have been joined.

Squeezes, Edward's Limit (e42m,l25m,w12m,h6m)

Squeezes consists of two sections, the northern passage and the southern chimney section, known as Edward's Limit. The northern passage is 25m long, has a sandy floor, and soft, white sandstone walls. Towards the end of the cave, the passage is split into two, by a column which reaches from the floor to the low ceiling.

A stream emerges from the northern wall near the entrance to the cave, flows across the floor, and through a low passage to the Edward's Limit section of the cave. In Edward's Limit, cave changes from being a low, sandy floored passage, to a tall, narrow slot, with a wide base. An entrance at the top of the slot gives the cave a chimney like appearance.

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