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Six Mole's Cave

Peter Swart 21 January 1997

Dimensions: e50m,l20m,w10m,h15m


Six Moles cave is in a depression just below Mossy Den. The depression is about TBDm long, by TBDm across. This cave consists of three sections, the corkscrew section to the north-west, the main chamber, and the S.M.Arcade section to the south-east.

The corkscrew section winds down through a section of the cave which is formed by both solid wall, and boulder choke. At the bottom of the corkscrew, is a sandy floored chamber, 1.5m high, by 2m long, by 1.5m wide. Water appears to settle here, and seep into the floor, as there were little evidence of flow marks on the sand.

The main chamber of the cave is not entirely dark, as the entrance can be seen from certain angles. There is a bridge across the middle of the chamber, which forms an archway. This archway leads up to a high level in the chamber.

A steep climb, via a sandy slope, leads out of the cave, to a small, sheltered alcove, known as S.M. Arcade.

Mossy Den

Mossy Den is a large collapse in Cave Peak. The top of the collapse is level with the surrounding area, while the boulder filed floor is up to 10m below the rim. On the western side of the collapse, cave passage is formed by a solid wall to the west, and boulder choke to the east. This cave must once have been a large chamber, the roof of which has collapsed, leaving a remnant passage on the one side. Water which collects on this side of the depressions, runs into the choke, towards the centre of the collapse.

Six Moles Water Hole

Just east of Mossy Den is a hole about 3m deep. After heavy rain, a stream runs at the bottom of this hole.


(noted on 15 April 1995)

Chamber A: K. Calder 4.6.38; T.Pare 4.6.38 Chamber D: (Above the bridge) W.Brookes 17.7.49; Gideon Smit, Craig Grant 11.1.44; Hugh Cross 12.1.46; H.Nelson 4.10.43; Marie du Toit 17.1.45; A.W.Pratten; HSW 15.2.46

The name Six Moles' Cave was covered with a fungus like growth, but was still visible.

Chamber E: (Under the bridge) Denis Payne, Gwyneth Payne, 13.2.48; V.Cox; R.Watson 10.1.50; R.Levetan 10.12.49

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