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Rooi Afrikaaner Ridge I Cave

Peter Swart 25 March 1996

Dimensions: RAR I: em,lm,wm,hm RAR II: em,lm,wm,hm


While walking along Rooi Afrikaaner Ridge one day, we found a small open system, which we called RAR I, and a slightly larger system which we called RAR II. Upon examining the SASA bulletins, we found that in TBD, TBD and TBD (TBD SASA Bull) found some small caves on the same ridge, one of which they named Meyer's Memorial. As they did not survey the caves, and did not follow Meyer's practice of painting the cave name at the entrance, we cannot be certain that the cave which we found is Meyer's Memorial, but the description does indicate that RAR II is probably Meyer's Memorial.



The northern end of the cave consists of an open chamber, with a slot entrance through the roof, and another wide entrance which faces the cliff. The chamber is less than 1.5m in height. A low, narrow passage off this chamber leads to a southern entrance, which is less than 5m from RAR II.

Meyer's Memorial (RAR II)

The entrance to this cave is divided into two passages by a block which has fallen from the ceiling. This entrance leads to a 2m wide by 10m chamber, which is 1.6m high. This in turn leads to a second smaller chamber, which is 3m high. A network of low stream passage link these chambers to the cliff. It is one of these side passages which is close to RAR I.


Both of these caves were formed by joint enlargement, and appear to have once been part of the same cave system. As can be seen from the plan, the main passages of both caves have formed along parallel joints.


We visited these caves on two consecutive weekends during August, and on both occasions found a lone horseshoe bat hanging in approximately the same place. On the first visit, the bat was rocking gently to and frow, and in a deep torpor. On the second visit, the bat was quite still, and appeared to be unaffected by both the infrared focus mechanism of my camera, and the flash. It did not like being scratched on the back, but when tickled under the chin, it stretched and inclined its head, just the way cat would.

Ronans Well Cave Rooi Afrikaaner Ridge II Cave