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Onverwag Cave

Peter Swart 20 February 1996

Dimensions: e40m;l30m,w12m,h4m


The northern end of Kalk Bay mountain has many widened joints along the cliffs. Although these cracks look as though they are cave entrances, they seldom lead to anything more than shallow passages, no more than a few metres deep. Spook Cave is a little deeper than most of the these cracks, while Onverwag has true cave passage.

Onverwag is similar to Spook Cave in that it occurs on the same level as Spook Cave, and is also being eroded by the receding cliff. The entrance to the cave is formed by the flared ends of the joints along which the cave formed.

The two caves differ, in that Onverwag still has true cave passage. The main passage in Onverwag runs into the mountain, perpendicular to the cliff, for 26m. In the winter, a pool forms at the end of the cave, and a stream runs along this passage, and out of the entrance. The bearing of this passage is approximately 50 degrees, which is the same bearing as some of the passages in Spook Cave. The passage has a vertical lanceolate TBD cross section.

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