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Nivla Grottos Cave and Styx Dungeon

Peter Swart 20 November 1994


Nivla Grottoes and Styx Dungeon are some of the many small caves around the Amphitheatre. It appears that Meyer discovered Styx Dungeon in November 1933 and Nivla Grottoes in March 1934, [TBD1] during the height of his cavern finding days.

Although these caves are not large, they both form part of the complex Amphitheatre system of caves, and thus deserve further description.


Nivla Grottos and Styx Dungeon are three caves in a board alcove above the Amphitheatre. By the number of boulders on the floor of the alcove, it appears that the rocks on the floor may once have been a roof covering the alcove.

Nivla Grottos is on the western side of the alcove, and consists of two passages, with their entrances facing each other across a smaller alcove. Both grottoes appear to have formed along a network of joints which run along bearings of 340 degrees and 40 degress.

Styx Dungeon, on the eastern side of the alcove, has developed along the same joint system. Unlike Nivla Grottoes, which has developed on one level, Styx Dungeon has developed on two levels. One side of the lower chamber, and its floor, is formed by a boulder choke/floor. These appear to have fallen in from the alcove side. This ties in well with the 'collapsing roof' theory.

The survey of these caves was linked into the surface survey [TBD3] at the Nivla Grottoes beacon.

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