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Mystery Grotto Cave

Peter Swart March 2019



Mystery Grotto is a small, but interesting system. The cave has developed at three distinct levels, in two joints, which intersect at an acute angle. Both of these joints open onto the cliff face. This cave was originally called Double View Arcade, as slightly different views of Fish Hoek valley can be seen from each of the two entrances.

The joint with the western most entrance, shows the three levels of development. The upper level is nearly a metre wide, with a solid floor in some places, and cracks which open downwards to the middle level in others. The middle level is the usual entrance level. This passage is also about a metre wide. A slot in the middle of the passage leads down to the lower level, which carries a stream, and is extremely wet in winter. The lower passage has a bell shaped cross-section, and a sandy floor.

The joint with the eastern most entrance has widened almost uniformly along its height, with a minor constriction between the middle and lower levels. At the intersection of the joints, a vertical shaft has formed, which allows access to any level in either major joint. This joint continues into the mountain, but a bulge of rock on the wall prevents further exploration.

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