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Musical Drops Cave

Peter Swart 23 November 2003



Musical Drops cave is on the same level as Mystery Grotto, and has formed by joint enlargement, and mechanical block displacement. Musical Drops is an L shaped cave with a passage running parallel to the cliff, and behind a large block (Entrance A). The block has moved away from the main cliff to leave the passage. If the block continues to move, it will become another of the large boulders which litter the lower slopes of Cave Peak.

Another passage runs perpendicular to the cliff and intersects the main passage. This passage has a much more water worn look to it, and is much narrower the the main passage. An analysis of the relative heights of Musical Drops, Mystery Grotto and Harbour View Cave, may well reveal similarities.

Musical Drops Cave contains various mineral formations. Apart from the usual amorphous silica bumps and lumps, which decorate most of the walls of the cave, black, spikey flower like formations occur on some ledges. A very smooth, hard shiny substance, which resembles grey paint occurs on some of the rocks on the floor.

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