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Leap Year Grottos Cave Plan

Peter Swart 24 November 2003


Leap Year Grottos consists of a U shaped passage, with the main entance at the bottom right of the U. The name of the cave, and the date on which it was discovered, are painted on a suspended boulder at the bottom of the entrance choke. "Leap Year Grottos 29.2.36" The right passage ends in a chamber which is labeled "F" in Meyer's style, and has the name "M.E.G Chamber, 9.10.37". The MEG chamber has an aven which reaches an upper passage. Meyer called this aven, "The Ventilator". Half way along the right hand side of the U, is another aven, which is about 6m high. Meyer called this, "The Chimney". Light can been seen through a small entrance from the upper passage which runs from the Ventilator to the chimney.

At the bottom of the U is a tight squeeze, whicj leads into chambers C & D. The roof of this section is a boulder collapse. The remains of a sign which appears to read 'Cold Store' is painted here. The high moisture content, and the moving air allowed in via the boulder choke, make this a very chilly place.

A narrow passage leads up the left hand side of the U, and into a small chamber, which terminates in a 7m high aven. Light can be seen through a crack at the top of the aven.

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