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Johles Cave

Peter Swart 23 November 2003

Dimensions: em,lm,wm,hm


Johles Cave was discovered by Meyer on TBD. Leslie van Blerk was accompanying him, so he concatenated their names, and named the cave JohLes.


The cave consists of a single widened joint passage, about 20m long, and no more than 1.5m at its widest. The passage is about 2m high at the entrance, drops to less than a 1m high in the middle, and then rises to over 5m in height. The terminal chamber has a boulder choked roof, and the floor is littered with small pieces of stone flake and charcoal. The head of a colophon beetle was also found here.

The strata dip down at an angle of 16 degrees, towards a bearing of 207, and vary in thickness from 0.01m to 0.5m.

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