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Johjoh Spelonk Cave

Peter Swart 23 November 2003

Meyer Graffiti

  • Potholers
  • EHB, ERW 8/6/47
  • T.PARE (??) 4-6-38


It appears that the gully in which JohJoh Spelonk is found, may once have been a large chamber, the roof of which has since collapsed. The western wall of the original chamber now forms one wall of JohJoh Spelonk, and the boulders of the collapse now form the other wall of the cave.

The cave itself consists of two main chambers, each with an entrance to the surface. The chambers are separated by a collapse of boulders, which leave multiple passages between the chambers. The floor of the cave is TBDm below the entrance. The water flows in a TBD direction. The floor is sandy and strewn with rocks and boulders.

Northern section is small and contained animal droppings covered in fungus. A chip packet was seen in a place where no human could possibly have reached, and where no water flowed. The packet was either blown there by wind, or carries in by an animal.

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