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Imp II Cave

Peter Swart 25 March 1995

Dimensions: Imp II:e40m;l20m,w6m,h4m


Imp II is at the bottom of the slope, TBDm below Imp Cave. The main passage runs parallel to Imp cave, but has two distinctly different cross sections, a lower, horizontal washout section, and the upper vertical slot section.

The horizontal part of the cave has formed under a block, approximately 8m long by 6m wide. There are entrances on four sides of the block, and this section of the cave seldom reaches more than half a metre high. On the north-eastern side of the block, is a pile of rubble, some of which appears to have come from a collapsed chamber. TBD

Leading north from the northern side of block is a vertical slot, approximatley 4m deep. This slot leads to a small chamber, which is at the base of a boulder choke. The collapse above this choke can be seen on the surface. It is at the base of a gully running down from Split Kop.

A short loop passage to the south-west leaves the slot, and meets it again in the collapse chamber. The stream appears to follow this side system, then disappears down a narrow passage, to remerge in the washout section.

The cave has approximately 40m of passage, and will fit into a box 6m wide by 20m long.

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