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Imp Cave

Peter Swart 25 March 1995


Split Kop is low koppie on the north eastern side of the reserve. It is criss crossed by joints and cracks. The joints are mostly parallel sided, and have been enlarged by solution. Most of the cracks have sharp edges and curved walls, and appear the have formed after the solution widened joints.

Imp Cave

Imp Cave has formed along one of the joints which run through Split Kop. Both ends of the cave are terminated by boulder choke, and the floor of the cave is littered with collapse debris. The lower end of the cave has a solid roof, while the roof at the upper end of the cave is formed by boulder fill.

The entrance to Imp Cave is off an adjacent, almost parallel joint, parts of which still have a roof. This joint is about 4m high. At 1.6m above the floor, is a constriction in the width of the joint, which indicates that the development has undergone two stages of solution.


Just to the south of the cave, are two small caves. Both of these are remnants of larger chambers, the sides of which have collapsed as the sides of Split Kop have receded.

Cow Pot is little more than the remains of an enlarged T shaped joint, halfway between Imp Cave and Imp II. A cow skull and vertebrae which were found in the cave, gave it its name.


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