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Hydrax Caverns Cave

Peter Swart 23 November 2003

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Hydrax Caverns was discovered by TBD in TBD. TBD named the cave after the Dassies (Hyrax) which frequent this part of the mountain, and which use parts of the cave as a toilet. In October 1995, the Colophons rediscovered the cave, and opened the passage to the main chamber.


Hydrax Caverns is on the western slopes of Kleintuin Kop, at the base of a low cliff. The slope below the cave is covered with debris which has fallen from the cliff, and from further up the slope.

The cave consists of three major sections, the open, southern section, the middle low section, and the main chamber. The southern section is a small, low chamber, which was formed by solution. The blocks which form the western wall of the chamber have been shifted by the cliff recession, and now form two entrances. A narrow passage leads to the middle section of the cave.

Between and above the southern chamber and the main chamber, is a recess in the cliff. This recess is probably the remnant of a chamber, and provides access to all section of the cave. Below this recess is a low chamber, with a sandy floor.

Below and to the north of the middle section is a chamber measuring 3m by 6m. If the cliff further, this chamber will form another recess, similar to one above the middle section of the cave. This northern chamber has a white sandy floor, which is 3m below the middle section of the cave.

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