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Clovelly Kop Cave

Peter Swart March 2019

Dimensions: e15m,l9m,w6m,h3m

Clovelly Kop Cave (CK1) is a narrow slot in the side of a low ridge. The slot leads into a horizontal, washout chamber. To the north-west, the chamber leads to the bottom of a boulder choke. The top of this choke can be seen on the surface near the cave. A 4m long passage leads off the chamber to the south-east. At the end of the high section of the passage, the floor of the passage drops by nearly a metre, and the roof drops from 1.8m to 20cm above the floor. A stream flows down this low, narrow, rocky floored section.

Many cave crickets and spiders inhabited the cave, and the remains of a dassie skull were found at the end of the south-eastern passage.

Clovelly Cave Commemoration Hall Cave