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Central Grotto Cave

Peter Swart 1 March 1996

Dimensions: e20m;l20m,w18m,h4m

Central Grotto is a horizontal system, formed under large, flat-bottomed blocks. These blocks are divided by vertical joints, some of which are open to the surface. The northern entrances are via these vertical cracks and southern entrance is via a collapsed along a joint.

The main part of the cave is a large low chamber, 20m long, and varying from 2m to 9m in width. The floor of the main chamber is mostly well packed, damp, white sand. A stream enters the cave from the west, where the floor is higher and rocky. It cuts across the main chamber, and leaves the cave via the cracks in the eastern wall. Where the stream crosses the main chamber, it has cut a 0.5m deep trench in the sand.

The western side of the cave is split into a number of horizontal levels. It appears that the original strata were a series alternating soluble and less soluble rock. As the soluble layers were removed, horizontal ribs remained. This is well illustrated by the surveyed section.

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