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Camphor Pot Cave

Peter Swart 23 November 2003

Dimensions: e8m,l5m,w4m,h7m

This cave is very much like Daniel's Den, in that the entrance is a hole in the roof, and the cave is formed in a slot, just below the current ground level. The entrance chamber is about 3,5m deep, 2,5 m long and 1m wide, and runs in a general east/west direction. To the east, the cave drops a little, but the way forward is blocked by small rocks. To the west, the passage descends into a another chamber 2m m 2m x 4m high. The cave again steps down to the west, and under a shelf. A slot in the floor under the shelf leads to a small chamber, with a sandy, white floor. There is another slot running off to the west, by this is very narrow.

A small, white springtail was found while the survey was in progress.

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